Wednesday, June 26, 2013

29 things to do before i hit 29

it just turned midnight so that leaves me with 28 days before i say goodbye to being 28. (yes, i am a lola)

29 is an age where you are too old to be one thing, but too young to be the other. i've got 28 days to do some things i wana do.. some i have done already but have to re-achieve, some i have yet to do or never done. 

so to be sure i am held accountable for these goals, let me write them down here, for all of you to see.

And if i dont get to complete atleast 80% of them? feel free to judge me ;)

1. get abs. legit, hardcore, dry abs. not the few lines or whatever i have.

2. weigh less than 120. i am currently between 120-130 and i want to hit about 112-117 like last year.

3. learn how to play a musical instrument.

4. get a home dj set -- just so i can throw some fun parties. hehe

5. do a pull up. no rubber cord helpers. i cannot, for the life of me, do a whole badass pull up just yet.

6. do a handstand. hold it for 5 seconds. no wall. no spotter.

7. join a 5k run in the morning. i am NOT a morning person and i dont really run unless being chased by zombies.

8. get one more tattoo

9.write a song or help atticus write a song :)

10. relive the 90's and make a mixtape. hehe

11. eat out less-- just 1x a week should suffice. (eat more home cooked meals)

12. learn how to cook a new dish. (i cant do a kare kare yet hehe)

13. no rice for 1 whole week. yes sushi, that means you.

14. no eating of chocolates for 4 days straight. (i eat chocolates after every meal)

15.  do a 3 day water cleanse

16. no twitter for 24 hrs

17. no facebook for 24 hrs

18. have a super yummy cheatday--- eat breakfast food for brekkie, lunch and dinner. yay!

19. master somethimg by practicing it 2 hrs a day, every day.

20. start reading 1 book a week again. last time i read one was 10 days ago. bad.

21. dye hair into a diff color

22. have 3 more blog entries

23. no becky speak for a whole day. (uh oh..)

24. no shopping for new clothes or shoes or bags or accessories til Aug. 

25. Garage Sale. 

26. get a hot stone massage

27. try pole dancing again

28. clean up messy, messy apartment

29. plan the birthday party!! :)

crossing my fingers i get to do all of these! or better yet, i should start doing. so ta-tuh for now!

xx, Bubby

p.s. please note that i have less that a month so my goals are not so big/deep. i will do a more in depth version after this.. bigger goals, longer time to achieve :)

Sunday, June 9, 2013


On the way to dinner on our 4th night in HongKong, Atz spotted this shirt on a mannequin. Jimi Hendrix is one of his favorite guitarists so he wanted to buy it for himself. Unfortunately, the rock themed shirts were only for girls so he told me that i SHOULD get it. and i did. And wore it the next day.

Here i am being a poser, pretending i know everything i know about Jimi Hendrix when honestly, i dont. i've heard his name before, but i didnt really know who he is, what he did, what dongs he made, etc. Dont worry, I know some tidbits about him already just so i'm just half a poser now. made for a cute outfit though! hehehe ;)

shopping. Jimi Hendrix top: cotton on; jeans: moto by topshop; shoes: hellz bellz x vans; bag: Givenchy; lifeproof case for iphone5

Madame Tussauds

May 14, 2013. It was our 5th and last day in HongKong and our flight wasnt until 9:55 that night, so Atz and i decided to do touristy stuff and took the Tram over to The Peak. When we got there, we didnt really know what to do— we had just eaten and have done all our shopping already. We went to the top floor to see the view, beautiful as it was, after 15 minutes of taking it all in, there was nothing else for us— except for this famed Wax Museum, Madame Tussauds. 
We were greeted by Jackie Chan upon entering — wax version, ofcourse— his was the only one that had to be photographed only by the establishment, and then personal cameras can be used with all the others.
it was fun checking out all those wax figures and checking if they really resembled the famed people that they were supposed to be.
here are some photo’s from my phone.
p.s. i ran out of memory and had to use Atz’s phone for some photos, and unfortunately, i havent loaded them in my laptop yet— i shall post those photos soon. but i guess these will do.

Museum Entrance

 *ehem ehem* 

 Brad :)

 Madame Tussaud's wax replica


 The Boy with the man i named my dog after :)

spot the not

checking out what my buddy William has written so far ;p

 my new barkada

that's all for now. 

it's good to be back (in blogging)