Sunday, January 31, 2010

personal thoughts...

It's sad to see when a person whom you thought would be honest with you would lie to your face over something so irrelevant. And here you thought your friendship was deeper than that. Guess what. You were wrong. She lied.

Hey you, ponder over what's important in life.. if you're really honest with yourself then maybe you'd learn to be honest with others as well. Maybe you'll stop finding other people's faults and concentrate on fixing your own... Stop psychoanalyzing me and analyze yourself.

To be the better person and just let things be. To find happiness with people you least expect..

To finally be in a place where you just stop trying and caring about what other people will think and say...

To start pleasing yourself and not others...

And when a friend lies to you, to try and understand the reasons behind that lie...

....just some realizations and lessons that i've learned over the past week... I guess 2010 is my year wisdom and understanding... :)


Sunday, January 24, 2010

hair color ad? haha

Princess, me, Nicolette, Phem

These are some of the people i 'grew up' with.. what with being 16 and entering a world that was different from what i was brought up in, they served as my ''ate's'', my friends, my guardians, my partners-in-crime.. Modeling was not an easy job, but they made it 'easier' for me...

We're all doing other things now,, Phem and I crossed over to the showbiz industry while Princess and Nicolette are both F.A.'s... but every once in a while, especially when those who are based in other countries are in town, we get together and bond.. just like the old days :)

(p.s. too bad Rissa wasnt there when we took the photo!! She's also my 'Ate'!)

look what i found!

November 2007

Princess Sarah, ABS-CBN

Christmas Eve :)

back to my outfit posts :)

thank u Rock Gutz for the pic :)

dress, Topshop. Ring, bazaar. necklace, gift from a friend.

where's 'waldo'? wahahaha!! :p

i'm back

hey guys!! i'm back. sorry if i havent touched my blog for quite some time... anyway.. im trying to rack my brains on what to blog about... any ideas?