Monday, October 14, 2013

#bubbyskitchen: chocolate chip banana oatmeal cookies

As promised on my instagram, here is a 5 min (less, actually) amateur video of how to make cookies out of bananas, uncooked oats and choco chips lying around your house. the riper the banana, the better!

disclaimer #1: it's my bf's kitchen; i dont have an oven in my condo so i go here to bake :)
disclaimer #2: he's the one taking the video. while texting. and geeking out over whatever else he finds.
disclaimer #3: yes, he's wearing a dorky ninja turtle mask.
disclaimer #4: the audio isnt good. i should have a lapel next time or something. hence the captions...

other than that, yes the cookies are yummy!

side note: if you want to make them super healthy, use walnuts instead of chocolate chips :)