Monday, November 23, 2009

Lessons on Love

Sometimes, in our incessant efforts to find the person we love, we fail to see and appreciate the people who love us. We would miss out on so many wonderful things simply because we allow ourselves to be enslaved by our own selfish concerns. We keep on looking so far away when all we needed to do was look behind us.

They say that one will find rewarding happiness not with the the man she loves but with the man who loves her more. To "go for the man of deeds and not for the man of words". I believe that the best lovers are those who are capable of loving from a distance --far enough to allow the other person to grow, but never too far to feel the love within your being.

When you let someone go, it doesnt necessarily mean you have to stop loving that person. It only means that you're allowing that person to find his/her own happiness without expecting him/her to come back. To let go is not just setting that other person free, but yourself as well --- you are setting yourself free from all the bitterness, hatred, and anger that you may keep in your heart.

Bitterness may rare away your strength and weaken your faith. The experience of pain may dishearten you, but you shouldnt allow that. Instead, it should let you grow in wisdom bearing it. Pain will only make us stronger, wiser.

Sometimes, we'd think that we have found peace in just loving someone from a distance not expecting anything in return. But though this can sustain life, it can never give us enough room to grow. We tend to be stuck in the past that we sometimes end up losing ourselves. We can all survive with just beautiful memories of the past but then again, real peace and happiness will only come once we've accepted of what reality is today.

Then there comes a time in our lives when we chance upon someone we get so intensely attracted to. This attraction soon becomes part of our daily lives and eventually consumes our thoughts and our actions. The sad part of it is when we begin to realize that this person feels nothing for us and all they can offer is a platonic relationship. We start our desperate attempts to get noticed and be closer but in the end, all our efforts are unrewarded and we end up just feeling sorry for ourselves.

One doesnt really need to forget someone he/she has fallen for. What is needed though, is to learn to accept reality without being bitter or sorry for yourself. Trust me, you would be better off giving that dedication and love to someone MORE DESERVING. Dont let your heart run your life. Ive made that mistake before. We should learn to be sensible and let our minds speak for itself. Listen not only to your feelings but to reason as well... you'd be surprised at how irratinal one is when letting emotions run her life.

Always keep in mind that if you lose someone today, it only means that someone better is coming tomorrow. Or next week. Or next year. Who knows? Be patient. It will come. If you lose love, it doesnt mean that you failed in love. CRY is you have to. Cry til your eyes run dry but make sure all those tears wash away all the hurt, the hate and the bitterness that the past has left with you.. Let go of yesterday and love will find its way back to you. And when it does, pray that it may be the love that will stay and last a lifetime.

as for me, I'm still waiting.... but i know that when HE comes, everything will be worth it. :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

almost 8 years ago...

Shot on the first week of April in 2002... a week after i graduated from highschool --which meant i was allowed to do tvc's already since school didnt really allow modelling (all the runway and print work i did were takas. haha)

funny how most of us in this tvc are still intouch and hangout from time to time :)

it's been a long time since this tvc... it's just so much fun looking back tho...Duckie, Bianca & I with Parokya ni Edgar

since embedding of the video isnt allowed, here's the link to the TVC:

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Tides

yet another post that has been long overdue...

Last month, The Tides Boracay flew us in for their 2nd Anniversary party.. Since we had prior commitments, we had to fly in on the second day of the festivities and fly out the next day..

i had such a blast from my breakfast in Real Coffee (as always), walking from station 2 to 1 and back then sunbathing and swimming for more than an hour before heading back to the hotel to sunbathe and swim even more, participated in Yoga Trance Dance, and ofcourse, celebrate with everyone the Tides Anniversary.. it was such a fun weekend indeed :)

Thanks, Tides!! :)

some of the Tides partners:
Stephen Ku, Eric Cua, GP Reyes, Fernando Aracama & Tim Yap

Mond & I were actually in their opening too! :) so it was more of a reunion of sorts..

Stephen, myself, Erwan, Mond & our mojitos :)

Coco avant Chanel

Sorry i havent been posting anything lately..

anyway, here are some photos from the special screening of Coco Avant Chanel in Gateway..

ofcourse most of us had to get our double C's out :)

It's the first ever event that Chanel has done here in Manila.. ofcourse, only Chanel make up and fragences are the only ones you can buy here for now,, but soon enough, all those bags and accessories will be well within our reach :)

the movie was so inspiring! to say that i loved it is an understatement... especially the alst part when she was seated on those steps --- i couldnt help but remember the Rachel Zoe project episode wherein Rachel went into the House of Chanel in Rue de Cambon.. it showed those famous steps among others... in the movie it was so apparent how Coco really had the eye for elegance, style & beauty... she is a legend indeed.

Anne, Bea, myself, Mond, Chynna :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

"In the end, only three things matter ---

how much you LOVED,

how gently you


how gracefully you
LET GO of things not meant for you..."

Halloween Hangover

As if Halloween wasn't enough for us to play dress up, Chynna and I had a photoshoot scheduled 2 days later... then Daiana, Kuya Pao & Railey joined us too.

Originally, our pegs for the day were Steampunk for me and Alice Cullen for Chynna... but as the day progressed, we ended up doing other pegs as well.

Since Jay (Tablante, the photographer) saw me last Halloween wearing the Psylocke costume, he decided that he wanted an additional layout for the superhero shoot we did before. And since the others came along also, we decide to just shoot a Cullen family portrait as well. Too bad Emmet, Carlisle & Esme didnt make it. hehe :)


Psylocke & Jay


Alice Coolen :p

"family portrait"

Friday, November 6, 2009

for everyone

Life is too short to wake up with regrets.

So love the people who treat you right.
Love the ones who don't just because you can.

Believe everything happens for a reason.

If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.
If it changes your life, let it.

Kiss slowly.

Forgive quickly.

God never said life would be easy. He just promised it would be worth it.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Hallow's Eve

Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.
-Mean Girls

that being said... here's giving u an idea about my Halloween 09.. i had sooooo much fun! definitely one for the books!! my friends and i really went all out! :) here's a rundown of what everyone in our group dressed up as:

Me -- Psylocke
Mond -- a frumpy lolo
Carla -- Natalie Portman in Closer (slut)
Heart -- beaten slut

Belle -- Pocahontas
Juan -- fashyon police

Adrien -- Prince Charming
Liz -- stylish mummy

Ava -- Little Red Riding Hood
Laureen -- slutty devil

Anne - a boy
Vince -- scarecrow

Nik - a dude from the 50's
Dustin -- Greek God

Bea - sexy cab driver
Solenn -- She Wolf

Eric -- genie in a bottle
Erwan -- Wolverine
Mike -- Where's Wally
Franco -- SWAT

Xmen's Psylocke & Wolverine

a frumpy old geezer was stalking me :p

our table was named after "Gossip Girls"... i wonder why

group pic in our last stop :)

hope everyone also had a good halloween!! :)

so... what did YOU dress up as on halloween?!