Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Cronut Craze

oh the ubiquitous Cronut. For months now, that Croissant-Donut hybrid has been haunting my instagram timeline thanks to a local shop that made it's own version from the New York one.

Being the sweet tooth that i am, i couldn't wait til i sunk my teeth into one. EVERYBODY seemed to love it. Everybody seemed to talk about it. Everybody seemed to want it. So. did. i.

i kept planning to go to that little shop but hearing that they quickly run out, i just thought "naaah... i'll taste it in time"

And finally, the time did arrive. it was on my birthday party and i was given a birthday cake made of cronuts.

i was beyond excited to finally taste the Cronut!!! as i blew out the candle, i grabbed a cronut right away and took that first bite.

I took one bite. and became the happiest girl in the world. i took another bite. sweet. and a third bite. ok, that's enough. i then left the rest of the cronut on a plate. it was too much. i didnt want it anymore.

Now, i dont know how our cronuts here are actually made-- but i do know this. The original cronuts in New York has a dough that is made out of mostly butter, made into a croissant shaped like a donut, fried and injected with frosting and topped with more frosting. The inventor refuses to reveal the specific ingredients so nobody really knows the calorie content. But just hearing about these "basic" stuff--- It's a heart attack waiting to happen.

Now what do i really think of the cronut? its ok. i dont see why people would hoard it. or line up for it. It's like the cookie butter phenomenon wherein if you had it, you were somewhat "cool". but then i tasted it,. it was just ok i'd still rather eat peanutbutter. In the case of cronuts, i'd rather have a real donut. (and donuts have less calories i presume.. choose the lesser evil!)

Proof that i didnt really like the cronuts? the other day, i had brunch with some friends in the famous shop who sells them. and the table where cronuts were being sold was right across me. i couldve easily bought a dozen but i didnt. instead i watched as customers came and went just to get their hands on it. they were sold out by noon.WOW. 

now this entry isnt about putting down cronuts. it's just that maybe its not my cup of tea. and I guess knowing how much calories, fat and sugar content it must have hindered me from liking it because of the guilt i felt with every bite. i could hear my aunt saying "a moment on your lips, forever on your hips" as i was munching through that small bite.  

 so, ladies and you like it because it's "cool"? or because its really good? i know i dont. but i wont judge you if you do :)