Sunday, July 12, 2009

if money grew on trees, i'd buy all these right now..

...and since my birthday is coming up, all the more i want these things i'm wishing for!

altho im sure i'd end up buying one of these for myself anyway...

"The Essentials" is different though... these are stuff that, well, are essential / practical coz it's the stuff that i really use but always run out of (beauty products), or i lost (ipod) or i just want a new one of (laptop, accessories..)

and isnt it fun to go online and look at all the stuff u want and hope and
pray that u can have? then one day, you just end up owning one (or some, or all) and when u look back, u'd be like "wow, i cant believe i have this na"... and all the more that item will be special :)

so anyway... here's my wishlist of the moment :)

i have a thing for designer bags... theyre just so nice!!! i'm happy with my fair share of bags already, esp my vintage ones,, but i cant help but drool over these:
(1 & 3) Balenciaga City/Motorcycle Bag in bubblegum pink, yellow, or blue( 2) Goyard st louis pm (4) YSL clutch (5) YSL Muse (6) Louis Vuitton tote from the Beach Collection '09 (7) Pink Chanel (8) Louis Vuitton Neverfull from the Stephen Sprouse collection

i loooove shoes. and since i have big feet, everytime i find something i like that fits me, i buy it right away. and i believe that nice shoes can spice up ay outfit,, altho it can also break it. some shoes that i'm lusting over now are shoes from these collections
(1) Christian Louboutin (2) YSL tributes (3) Fendi platforms (4) Alexander McQueen (5) Dior

Being the kikay slash gadget girl that i am,, these are the things that i'm not lusting over, but theyre the ones that i really use and have, but i just get seem to have enough of
(1) Shu Uemura cleansing oil Original Formula since 1960 -- the only thing (aside from the brow manicure) from Shu that i'm not allergic to, and it's what i usually use to remove all the make up on my face after taping
(2) pink Skull Candy Headphones -- theyre just so cute!!
(3) Accessories from Arnel Papa or Kenneth Jay Lane -- the words i live by when it comes to accessories is that, the bigger, the better. big earrings, big rings, statement cuffs and necklaces are some stuff im obsessed with and cant seem to have enough of
(4) Neatnix Jewelry Organizers -- it's what i use to organize my accessories.. and well, since i keep adding new accessories, i also have to keep adding these organizers!
(5) iTouch -- i lost my ipod nano a month or 2 ago :( i have yet to buy a new ipod, altho i still have my old one so it's what i use now.. this one is more for me to buy myself tho. haha
(6) new Macbook --- hehehehe
(7) Kiehl's toiletries -- i looove their products coz its very light. not in the picture is the Kiehl's Light Weight Body Lotion which i looooove.. :)


Princess said...

GOT you one of these. Wishing youll fancy it when we meet. :)

Bubbles P said...


Jenn Besonia said...

Agree. I remember this quote from Dumbledore of HP.
"Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike."