Wednesday, April 7, 2010

western shopper

it's important to have a list when you're grocery shopping. otherwise you end up buying almost everything you just feel like buying even if you dont really need it.

but what makes grocery shopping fun is when you do it with friends,,,, one who has the same wavelength as you and you both hoard everything from ice candies to food organizers, and one who is a more practical shopper (and the photographer in this case)-- the one who would stop you and friend number 1 from buying all those stuff that u obviously only wana buy coz u feel like it.... all these for a 3 day vacation :) (and the groceries apparently didnt stop here)

yes, we also bought this bread container. it's where we kept the muffins that we also bought. haha

didnt buy these snacks.. dried fruits arent really my thing. but yes, i do wear heels even when grocery shopping :)
tanktop, topshop. fringe vest, streetbeatboutique. denim shorts, mango. booties, zara. ring, aldo accessories. bag, louis vuitton.

here i am in my western/cowboy inspired outfit and Gel looking very feminine.
although we posed by all these oils, we didnt purchase any. no to oil! hehe

from food to containers to cleaning agents to toiletries -- we bought them all!!!
hence our realization of the need to have a list...and to never shop hungry.


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