Wednesday, August 11, 2010

tears of joy

so that was how it felt like. to be soo happy you just end up crying. i've honestly never felt that before, not until almost a month ago, July 18, when my friends gave me a surprise party.

It was a week before my birthday, so ofcourse i didnt expect anything. Truth was, i came from a family day out and just went to Gel's house w my workout clothes coz we were planning to workout that night. Little did i know that as i was in Gel's room waiting for us to start (she had some relatives in the house visiting), everyone else was busy setting up my surprise.

Gel finally came up, and invited me to just eat somewhere first since there were alot of people in the house, it'd be a hassle for all of them to witness our workout session. So eat we went and boy, did i EAT!

Cafe Breton's Le Magnifique Crepe for dessert

After dinner, Gel asked me if i could accompany her to Fuel Up to just check on something. Ofcourse i did not suspect anything, i mean, why would i? her excuse seemed legit (it was.. she cant lie to me haha). so off to Fuel Up we went and on the way up i even tripped coz i was checking Twitter while climbing the stairs (oops)

When i walked into the door, since my eyes were on my phone, i just heard "SURPRISEEEE!!!" i honestly got confused at first. (dumb blonde moment!)in my mind i was like "wait. is it Gel's bday? am i a bad friend for not......ohmygawd" and BOWM. when i looked up i saw Mond, Elmo, Kuya Pao, Ehra, Nyko, Cannu, Saab, Chito. in that order. only then did it hit me that it was MY birthday. the surprise was for ME.

i dont know why but my initial reaction was to walk out. haha.

After showing me the whole set up and how they planned everything via bbm, i hugged everyone thank you and as i hugged my brother, Moe quipped "Bubbs, di ka ba naiiyak?" and i answered "NO!" making it seem as if i wasnt. but then my bro said "naiiyak na yan,,, ang higpit ng yakap sakin eh.."

then it happened. tears just fell from my eyes out of sheer joy.

Thank you VAMPS for everything. i'm so happy to have found you guys :)

for more photos --and i mean MORE-- and for the other side of the story (aka the party planners), check out Saab's Blog here.

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Mrs. Kolca said...

ohh.. im late but happy birthday.. that's the sweetest bday gift ever :D