Wednesday, June 26, 2013

29 things to do before i hit 29

it just turned midnight so that leaves me with 28 days before i say goodbye to being 28. (yes, i am a lola)

29 is an age where you are too old to be one thing, but too young to be the other. i've got 28 days to do some things i wana do.. some i have done already but have to re-achieve, some i have yet to do or never done. 

so to be sure i am held accountable for these goals, let me write them down here, for all of you to see.

And if i dont get to complete atleast 80% of them? feel free to judge me ;)

1. get abs. legit, hardcore, dry abs. not the few lines or whatever i have.

2. weigh less than 120. i am currently between 120-130 and i want to hit about 112-117 like last year.

3. learn how to play a musical instrument.

4. get a home dj set -- just so i can throw some fun parties. hehe

5. do a pull up. no rubber cord helpers. i cannot, for the life of me, do a whole badass pull up just yet.

6. do a handstand. hold it for 5 seconds. no wall. no spotter.

7. join a 5k run in the morning. i am NOT a morning person and i dont really run unless being chased by zombies.

8. get one more tattoo

9.write a song or help atticus write a song :)

10. relive the 90's and make a mixtape. hehe

11. eat out less-- just 1x a week should suffice. (eat more home cooked meals)

12. learn how to cook a new dish. (i cant do a kare kare yet hehe)

13. no rice for 1 whole week. yes sushi, that means you.

14. no eating of chocolates for 4 days straight. (i eat chocolates after every meal)

15.  do a 3 day water cleanse

16. no twitter for 24 hrs

17. no facebook for 24 hrs

18. have a super yummy cheatday--- eat breakfast food for brekkie, lunch and dinner. yay!

19. master somethimg by practicing it 2 hrs a day, every day.

20. start reading 1 book a week again. last time i read one was 10 days ago. bad.

21. dye hair into a diff color

22. have 3 more blog entries

23. no becky speak for a whole day. (uh oh..)

24. no shopping for new clothes or shoes or bags or accessories til Aug. 

25. Garage Sale. 

26. get a hot stone massage

27. try pole dancing again

28. clean up messy, messy apartment

29. plan the birthday party!! :)

crossing my fingers i get to do all of these! or better yet, i should start doing. so ta-tuh for now!

xx, Bubby

p.s. please note that i have less that a month so my goals are not so big/deep. i will do a more in depth version after this.. bigger goals, longer time to achieve :)


Atticus King said...

yabadabadoo!!! woohooo!

Princess Chrissie said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

May mahirap, may madali.. but I think the hardest one is no.24, no shoping till august??? Waaaaaaahhh... *die*

Iza Fugen-Busto said...

cool. :)