Sunday, June 9, 2013


On the way to dinner on our 4th night in HongKong, Atz spotted this shirt on a mannequin. Jimi Hendrix is one of his favorite guitarists so he wanted to buy it for himself. Unfortunately, the rock themed shirts were only for girls so he told me that i SHOULD get it. and i did. And wore it the next day.

Here i am being a poser, pretending i know everything i know about Jimi Hendrix when honestly, i dont. i've heard his name before, but i didnt really know who he is, what he did, what dongs he made, etc. Dont worry, I know some tidbits about him already just so i'm just half a poser now. made for a cute outfit though! hehehe ;)

shopping. Jimi Hendrix top: cotton on; jeans: moto by topshop; shoes: hellz bellz x vans; bag: Givenchy; lifeproof case for iphone5

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Tanya Malapit said...

How do i follow your blog?:)