Thursday, October 8, 2009

the day before...

no one was able to predict the tragedy that was Ondoy.. that's why we were all unprepared.

The day before it's wrath, Sept 26, was a day full of birthday celebrations... from Venice's "fairy" 5th birthday to Ynna's "Grease" debut to Sen. Bong's birthday party.. it was a night filled with fun, who knew that the next day would be such an eye-opener that led volunteerism to new heights?

Anyway, these pictures are long overdue so i decided to post them already...


Only the kids were required to wear costumes, but i decided to wear something 'fairy inspired' for fun.. i mean, when else would i be able to have an excuse to wear a poofy pink skirt? :)

skirt from Glitterati

w Tomas as Batman, Chard & Kuya Pao


it wasn't a very formal affair so guests were required to wear something a bit retro... i decided to wear this cute peplum dress and pink shoes to go with the theme :)

Glitterati dress, Zara shoes

w Mitch & Carla

Sen Bong's Bday in Whitespace

we dropped by after the debut and stayed for a few minutes....

w Tita Annabelle, Carla, Ate Ruffa, Miriam


U.Pink said...

oh. partee! i like both of your outfits..

Anonymous said...

hiya! you are pretty. but I guess you'll be, well, prettier, if you smile (show your teeth) when posing for pictures. Perhaps, it's only me but I noticed that you only beam on your photos most of the time, which looks like a sort of a smirk. Smile girl! Stay fabulous! xoxo <3