Friday, October 2, 2009

Relief Operation in Marikina..

Last Wednesday, I, together with some friends & colleagues joined the Kapuso Foundation's Operation:Bayanihan distribution of relief goods in San Isidro Parish in Greenland, Marikina...

Since Mond, Lorenz, Nik & I were running late to our 2:30pm meeting time in GMA, we then went straight to the location and made the rest of the group go ahead..

On the way, i saw how the once cleanest city has become full of filth. It was incredoulous. I could only imagine what went on when the typhoon was happening... The areas we passed seemed so devastating,, and you would see how the people from there were trying to rise up after that.. they were all busy cleaning their shops, houses, etc... It made me realize even more how lucky i was. yes, my house also got affected by Ondoy, water on the first floor was till my thighs, but it was nothing compared to what these people went through.

As we reached the church and got briefed, we watched as the truck filled with goods open.. and everyone in the crowd cheered. We then proceeded to the frontline and started giving out the relief goods by pairs.. it felt so good distributing those bags.. i wasnt even able to take pics anymore when we got to the frontline -- i wanted to give out as much bags as possible.. (i was only able to take one shot when i was waiting for the bag i was gonna give)

Ondoy may be over, but the threat of Pepeng is alive... people havent even recovered yet. It is a sad, sad reality.. but right now, all we can do is pray... then when the rain stops falling, it's time to put my rubber boots back on and start helping..

furniture obliterated by the flood

the black car was actually ON TOP of the red one

mud everywhere :(

check out the barko!

inside the church, getting ready to go to the frontline :)

people cheered as the truck opened up revealing all the goods

this couple made all of us go "awwwww..."

other volunteers helping to get the goods ready for distribution

heading over to our positions...

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Anonymous said...

kindly point bauang la union to the media coz it seems like they're have a media black out in our province, i am here in manila and im so worried about the people there because there are a lot of people that died during the bagyong pepeng and according to my aunt they dont receive any donations or help. please kindly point the media to bauang la union. There are even prisonners who died inside the jail and one barangay is washed out. our province is situated beside sison pangasinan. please. i've been emailing and commenting for a few days now but whenever i watch the news only some selected parts are being shown. Im very disappointed on how the local government officials in our province respond s to the victims of bayong pepeng- they are even prioritizing the piso for every community member for fund raising. the bad news about that is that it's not for the sake of helping the victims but for the betterment of the municipal hall. please. please help us. i would really thank you if you would help us. :)