Friday, November 20, 2009

Coco avant Chanel

Sorry i havent been posting anything lately..

anyway, here are some photos from the special screening of Coco Avant Chanel in Gateway..

ofcourse most of us had to get our double C's out :)

It's the first ever event that Chanel has done here in Manila.. ofcourse, only Chanel make up and fragences are the only ones you can buy here for now,, but soon enough, all those bags and accessories will be well within our reach :)

the movie was so inspiring! to say that i loved it is an understatement... especially the alst part when she was seated on those steps --- i couldnt help but remember the Rachel Zoe project episode wherein Rachel went into the House of Chanel in Rue de Cambon.. it showed those famous steps among others... in the movie it was so apparent how Coco really had the eye for elegance, style & beauty... she is a legend indeed.

Anne, Bea, myself, Mond, Chynna :)

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Mrs. Kolca said...

you look super cute in that dress.. the red stands out :D