Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween Hangover

As if Halloween wasn't enough for us to play dress up, Chynna and I had a photoshoot scheduled 2 days later... then Daiana, Kuya Pao & Railey joined us too.

Originally, our pegs for the day were Steampunk for me and Alice Cullen for Chynna... but as the day progressed, we ended up doing other pegs as well.

Since Jay (Tablante, the photographer) saw me last Halloween wearing the Psylocke costume, he decided that he wanted an additional layout for the superhero shoot we did before. And since the others came along also, we decide to just shoot a Cullen family portrait as well. Too bad Emmet, Carlisle & Esme didnt make it. hehe :)


Psylocke & Jay


Alice Coolen :p

"family portrait"

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Anonymous said...

haha that's so coolio! ;]