Friday, November 20, 2009

The Tides

yet another post that has been long overdue...

Last month, The Tides Boracay flew us in for their 2nd Anniversary party.. Since we had prior commitments, we had to fly in on the second day of the festivities and fly out the next day..

i had such a blast from my breakfast in Real Coffee (as always), walking from station 2 to 1 and back then sunbathing and swimming for more than an hour before heading back to the hotel to sunbathe and swim even more, participated in Yoga Trance Dance, and ofcourse, celebrate with everyone the Tides Anniversary.. it was such a fun weekend indeed :)

Thanks, Tides!! :)

some of the Tides partners:
Stephen Ku, Eric Cua, GP Reyes, Fernando Aracama & Tim Yap

Mond & I were actually in their opening too! :) so it was more of a reunion of sorts..

Stephen, myself, Erwan, Mond & our mojitos :)

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