Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm inlove. Again.

Last night, i got an unexpected call from my brother, telling me that they're back in the country (they weren't supposed to be back til tomorrow).. So i hurriedly left the house to bring them food in the condo :)

And there, I finally met Lucas... it was love at first sight :)

Lucas is the most adorable thing in the world since Tomas, and i love love love them both dearly :) 

Welcome to the family Lil' Lucas!!



wow. congrats on your new nephew. :) welcome LUCAS to the world!

MaviLove said...

hi ate bubbles :). sino kamukha ni Lucas?? haha :))

Bubbles P said...

Thank u Thank u :)

Lucas looks like his kuya Tomas! :)

Anonymous said...

Likes this post. :)

Lea Mae said...

Lucas is sooo adorable and cute :D
i wanna cuddle him. hahaha!

dhrex said...

regards to kuya pao congrats po