Saturday, June 27, 2009

Preview Ball '09

Congratulations to the Preview team for last night's successful Best Dressed Ball! :) everybody looked fab in their Barbie & Ken inpired outfits!! :)

Bad Girl Barbie in Frederick Peralta :)
(a.k.a. Maleficent Barbie / Contrabida Barbie)

Preview's best dressed list '09
Bea Soriano, Pam Quinones, Melissa Dizon, Paula Taylor, Ms Maricel Soriano, Alex Suarez, Divine Lee
(Martine Cajucom, Kai Lim & Georcelle Dapat couldnt make it as they were out of the country)

Barbies & Kens :)
Emel, Ed, Franco, Adrien, Madz, Nana, Liz, Belle, Anne, Laureen, Nicole, Mond, Me, Ava, Yanee, Kirja, Mike, Fargo
(George, Jess, Erwan, Martine, Ing --- you guys were missed!!!! )

Bad Girl Barbie & 'Raymond Gutierrez' Ken

Belle as Naked Barbie, Liz as Ken, Anne as Ballerina Barbie

Candy Barbie Nicole got touched-up by Kelly Barbie Laureen :)

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