Monday, June 15, 2009

pink much?

a sneak peek of what u can usually see inside 
our tent during taping...

notice how everyone seems to be inclined to one color :p
during this taping day, it was Sheena, Paloma, Shiela, Bianca & I who were stationed together in one tent..
the bed on the far left is Sheena's, the one where sila Sheena are is Paloma's.. clockwise from that are Shiela's, mine & Bianca's :)


Roy said...


just dropping by here from twitter.

nice to know you have a blog too.

I agree with you, the new multiply sucks!

hindi ko maintindihan hehe...


Paloma "paquita mudidimu" said...

bubbs post more pics. our zorro pics and tha famous chicken and snake dance combo of urs =)

-Paloma aka Paquita M ( as in mudidimu )