Saturday, June 27, 2009

recessionista chic

With today's economy, not everyone has the money to shop for nice outfits. But thanks to some stylish business-minded individuals, we all now have access to cheap-but-totally-fasyon clothes through online shopping. :)

If there's one thing i get really thrilled about when shopping, it's when i find something really nice, and find out that it doesnt cost an arm and a leg. These websites are a few of those that give me so much shopping-happiness because not only are their clothes super fab, they're really affordable too :)

skeleton top by
(they carry alot of trendy items in prices you will adore :))

Red Zipper Skirt by
(most of the stuff are of their own design, and you can even have your orders made-to-measure :) )



Lea Mae said...

cool!!! i love it..
magkano yan?

Bubbles P said...

check out their sites for prices :)

all i remember is that the top is less than a thousand and the skirt was less than 1500 :)