Saturday, September 19, 2009

all's well that ends well

i stand my ground that i did not do the things that she claimed i did to her, but i do admit i still wasnt the nicest person to her either. we both had our faults and we 're both sorry. so, all's well that ends well.

when i approached her last june, though it was a showbiz event, i really made sure that there would be no cameras or whatsoever.. because i didnt want it o look like a publicity stunt. i sincerely wanted peace. i felt like, before i turned a year older, i should have peace in my heart and in my mind. true enough, after our encounter, i did feel much lighter and better..

Last Thursday, when we had a meet & greet sort of thing in Summit, as we made beso, alot of people thought that we only made up that i had to clarify that it was a long time ago pa... i just didnt announce it to the world. coz just like in the Bible, the person who was just mum was the one who was realy sincerely praying rather than the person who made sure that the people knew he was.

as for the allegations that "someone" made me do it. no. i went up to her by my own free will. it wasnt for anybody but myself. thankyouverymuch.