Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Planet: Philippines

Chard, thanks so much for making me part of this... :)

as part of his advocacy with Greenpeace, and his new documentary Planet:Philippines, Chard, ate Ruffa, Carla, Ynna, Ehra, Michelle, Ana, Tj & I, with the rest of our PA's and people from GMA's News and Public Affairs team went to Montalban, Rizal to plant trees and help Mother Nature.

It took more than an hour to climb the mountain but it was all sooo worth it. it was tiring, fulfilling and fun all at the same time.... And and i guess its coz I did it with the people who I consider as my 2nd family :)

i hope we can all be more aware with Mother Nature and how we can help decrease the cause of Global Warming, and help erase our carbon footprints to help create a better world for the future generation by watching Chard's new show every Sunday... let us all open our eyes to the beauty of the Philippines and how we can help preserve it.

in the meantime, here are some pictures from our tree planting adventure :)

Gossip Girls - all we did was eat chips, tweet and gossip on the way to Montalban, Rizal. hahaha

shades: check. sunblock: check. cap: check. sneakers: check. all ready to go trekking up a mountain :)
to think it was mostly girls save for Chard & TJ!! :)

after more than an hour of roadtrip, we all had to ride the 4x4 pick up before trekking over to the site..
we're all geared up and ready! :)
(not in pic: tj)

people may think i'm prissy, but i honestly didnt mind not wearing any gloves at all as i planted trees trees and more trees and held the soil with my bare hands... we all got down and dirty all right, and it was ALL SO WORTH IT. :)

Ynna showing off her soiled hands.. :)

Ehra was enjoying planting trees too! :)

we were obviously having a good time...
about to take a group pic in between tree planting with my Royale Era brothers and sisters :)

incidentally, the first tree that Chard planted was called the Mulawin tree :)

here's Chard, Me & Ynna with our baby trees ...

this Sunday, SEPT 6
10:30 PM on GMA 7's SNBO
hosted by Richard Gutierrez :)


U.Pink said...

tree planting.. sali ako dyan!

iam_kookijhe said...

very supportive naman ng mga talents ni Ms. A. :) Kudos!

Bubbles P said...

yup! we're all very supportive of each other coz we all treat each other like real brothers and sisters :) so activities like these are more bonding opportunities for us :)

iam_kookijhe said...

awww..nice! :) pag nag artista ako kay Ms. Anabelle ako mag papa handle. ROFLMAO. :)) :p

Anonymous said...

hi bubbles..i love your shades, where did u buy it? :)