Monday, September 14, 2009

SweetLife: "Barkada Fashionista"

Please watch the SweetLife on Friday, Sept 18, 5pm on QTV11

Chynna, Carla and I are guests on the show :)
at the end of the show, we all style each other based on our own way of dressing up, so imagine me in casual wear that is soooo Carla, Carla in formal glam that is very Chynna and Chynna in party clothes that is screaming Bubbles. :) i wont post pics of those yet tho --- u HAVE TO wait and see ;)

hosted by Lucy Torres-Gomez & Wilma Doesnt

our signature styles
Bubbles -- dresses & huge accessories ; Carla -- dainty & light colors ; Chynna -- edgy

dress from Plains & Prints ; platforms from Topshop

check out some of the stuff that we brought for the styling game :)


Stella said...

Hey Bubbles,

We love your style and your wardrobe choices. I was wondering if we could feature you in Stella Magazine.

Feel free to tweet us (stellamag) or email us


Bubbles P said...

oh sure! :) thanks!!

U.Pink said...

oh, gotta watch that show :D