Sunday, September 13, 2009

tindera lang :)

i have been wanting to get rid of some clothes and shoes for the longest time, and despite joining some celebrity bazaars, some stuff -- i just cant seem to really bring with me to sell. maybe because i didnt want to lug around 10 pairs of shoes, when i am unsure if anyone would buy it anyway.

but then, the other day, when I was asked by my good friend Chynna if i wanted to sell some of my old clothes thru her multiply site, i said YES :) and i'm so happy because now, i would get to sell not just old clothes, but shoes as well..

so, my dear friends, starting Friday, SEPT 18, will be selling some of my old clothes and shoes in cheap, cheap prices :)

dont worry, this is just the first batch though, i'm planning to add more items after a week or 2 :)

it's a celebrity online bazaar for everyone! yey!

aside from Chynna & myself, Ryza Cenon, LJ Reyes, Carla Humphries & Phoemela Baranda are going to be selling their stuff there too :)

happy shopping!!