Sunday, August 16, 2009

final hurrah

Right after we packed up taping, the whole team --- by team i mean all 344 people from production, actors not included yet -- partied the night away with one final hurrah for Zorro. Ofcourse, no cast party wont be complete if there wasn't a beauty contest of some sort for the *ehem* 'girls'.. :) It was a fun-filled night full of production numbers, special videos --from music vids to bloopers,-- and of course, raffle prizes so no one went home empty handed. All the more reasons why i'm super gonna miss my Zorro family :)

beauty parade
make up artists & wardrobe peeps

our wardrobe master, Bill, won the grand prize!
Maruja, Bill, Direk Mark (who did the announcement of winners)

Jimmy, one of the PA's of Royale Era was
one of the finalists :)
Me, Jimmy, Michelle

reaction shot. hahahaha
tj in disbelief of what he's seeing

raffle prizes galore!
Jimmy (back in his normal self), Chard (picking out names), Otep (our gracious party host), Ms Angie & Ms Redgie

The Director & The Producer
Direk Mark Reyes & Ms Angie Castrence

my brothers & sister
Me, Chard, Rhian, Tj

dancing queen
Me dancing w Buboy, Tito Leo groovin on the dancefloor :)

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