Sunday, August 9, 2009

muchas gracias

to everyone who supported ZORRO.... there's nothing more i can say but THANK YOU!

thank you for making our hard work worth it.. for the love and support.. for everything. we had a great run.

and to the whole cast and crew... THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for making it seem like i'm not even working. you guys are a blast to work with,, kaya kahit 4am na, hindi pa rin ako nauubusan ng energy. dahil sa inyo. salamat sa lahat.

to the Bellas -- Ate Mau, Paloma, Shiela, Sheena... i had soo much fun bonding with you girls! i will miss our tent, with our all PINK set up, and all our big make up kits complete with mirrors & lights,, extension cords, accessories, mini mechanical fans, FOOD!... and most esp CHISMISANS!! thank u for being soo nice and easy to work with :)

Rhi -- i love you, u know that :) i will miss our little picnics in pelaez and me always bugging u early in the morning for kwentuhan while ure having ur make up done. i will miss ur spidey blanket too! hehehe :) see u!

Bee & Mitch --- what else can i possibly tell u guys eh i still get to see u naman regularly? can i just say tho that when Zorro was about to start, i was so thankful coz i knew that atleast i had friends that i'd work with.. so i'm happy that Zorro brought us guys closer pa :)

Ms Jane, Tita Pinky, Tita Sandy, Tita Gloria Tito Leo, tito JT, Tito Ricky, Tito Ed & Epy-- thank you so much for everything.. and it was really an honor to work with veterans like you.. and thank you soo much for all the pointers, esp tito Ricky, when during one of our first few days, u really pulled me aside, told me what the scene was about, and gave us supoport just so we could act the scene out really well. anyway, i had a blast bonding with all of you on the set.. but i will never forget our bonding in montemar... with matching jetskiing after :) "Protacio! ilabas ang cerveza!!" i will miss you as much as you'll miss my Tuna Bubbles. hehehehe :) thank you for being so nice.. and Ms Jane, Tita Pinky & Tita Sandy, i never thought you were all so kalog!! :) from 'Blind items',,, 'no trace'... to talking about bags and shoes and even your kids... i love it!

TJ & Bobby -- we never really had scenes together, just once in a blue moon,, but i'm so happy atleast have bonded with you esp thru food. :) my picnic basket will miss you. hehehe :)

Buboy --- i love you Buboy!! you are such a talented kid! cute pa! i love how ure also mahiyain off cam.. hehehe..

Chard -- ok what should i say that i havent told you yet? hmm.. it was great working with u again. thank you for everything... thanks for bein a 'brother' to me in every way possible. alam mo na yun.

Direk Dom -- a taping day with you on the set will not be complete without you teasing me. thank you for being a great director :)

Direk Mark -- thank you so much once again for not just being a great director, but a great friend as well... as you know, i'm not regina george anymore. hahahaha :)

Ms Angie -- thank you for believing in me and for putting me in this show.. it was great working with you and your team again :) i really feel as part of one big happy family.. especially when ure being mother hen cooking for us :)

Ms Carol, Kuya Soc, Omar, Direk Allan....
Gan, Ring, Dom, Gemmo, Marge, Bill...
Dindilicious, Maru, Gerald, mother Noli, ivan my love...and everyone else -- THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for the niceness for the love for everything! i love you!!!!

and to everyone pala ulit --- pag ako nakaron na ng R... i swear... magpapapaRRRRRty talaga ako. hahahahahahahahaha :)))
i swear i will miss all of you!! and bataan!! and the costumes!!! :):):)

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U.Pink said...

bye zorro.. umm.. what's next?