Monday, August 3, 2009

tie a yellow ribbon...

The Filipino people, out on the streets, being united as one... ONLY Pres. Cory Aquino can do that.
As i turned the tv on when i woke up, the crowd in Ayala just waiting for the former President's convoy to pass by was reminiscent of that of People Power or EDSA Dos. I was only a year old when People Power happened, but i was old enough to participate in EDSA2... and it was certainly a memorable experience. Just being in the middle of it all. opening your eyes to alot of stuff you've never seen before... anyway.
When i first heard of our former President's death, it didnt really register to me right away. It was like, i was in disbelief that my brain refused to even think about it. i was even asked of what i'll always remember about Madam Cory, and i just answered something really superficial. Because my brain still didnt believe that she was gone.
But i went home, i saw a tribute and thats when it hit me. Thats when i finally realized that someone who indirectly made a great impact in my life had passed away. I've never even met her. Yet seeing how greatly affected the whole nation was,,,, seeing how much she contributed to the country,, to our lives... how much of an impact she left on all of us......amazing.
Words cannot even suffice how much she gave the Filipino people. I think it was Jim Paredes or Ted Failon (i'm not sure, i was just listening to them talk while the tv was on and i was doin something else) who said that Pres Cory loved the country, yet she didn't love power. and that's what i think is great about her. She was once our Commander in Chief, yet she never drowned herself in the fact that she was the most powerful person in the country. she wasnt like the type who'd get so addicted to power as soon as theyve tasted it. She gave us freedom, she gave us peace... She was one of those people who showed us the power of Prayer, and what unity can do.
As the next Presidential Elections is getting near,, i do hope that everyone will NOT forget what Pres Cory had fought for... what WE all fought for. in EDSA1 & EDSA2.
kakalimutan nalang ba natin ang ating mga pinaglaban? ang mga pinaglaban nila Ninoy at Cory? ang mga pinaglaban ng ating mga magulang? hahayaan na lang ba nating masira ang ating kinabukasan? ang kinabukasan ng mga bata?
Pres Cory Aquino made a great impact in our lives. She will forever be OUR President. She will forever be remembered by the Filipino People. That's just how great she is.

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