Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This has been my best birthday ever. and i owe it all to my friends who made me feel very very special on this day :)

I celebrated my bday for 5 nights straight... starting with the salubong...

haaay. i felt sooo loved. I'm having a hard time typing this, as i am speechless still. I cannot thank you enough. you know who u are :) i'm sooo lucky to have friends like you... i love u guys! :)

bday salubong

my bday cupcakes from Lorenz :) thanks Lo! :))))

thank you Liz for the yummy yummy cake!! :)

party peeps: Eric & Bea, Nicole, me, Princess (thank you for flying in for my bday!!!:)) Laureen, Franco, Yanee, Anne, Liz, Juan, Nik, Madz, Ynna, Francis, Mond (thanks for flying in early! :))

not in photo: Lorenz (he took the group pic), Jc, Rambo, Kuya Pao, Jason -- all arrived late :) hehe


had taping on my birth-day but got packed up early :)

Nicole wouldnt hear of staying in coz it's supposed to be my night, so she took me out and we celebrated with her friends from USF :) thanks Nic! love u!! :

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nicoleandersson said...

you are most welcome :)