Friday, August 7, 2009

House of Refuge

This year has been the happiest and most fulfilling birthday i've had so far. Not only did i feel so loved because my friends flew in, but i did what i've been wanting to do for so long -- have my own charity event.

see, whenever i do outreach, it's usually just me joining whatever is organized already. But it was never me who actually spent, invited, asked for donations. all i did was show up and participate.

this year was different. Thanks to Patricia Hizon of Everyday is Your Birthday Foundation, i was able to do my own outreach party with the orphans from the House of Refuge, and i've never felt more fulfilled than ever.

Coincidentally set on the date of Pres Cory's funeral (the date was set more than a week ago), i believe that helping out the less fortunate is what you can call REAL people power. well, Shaan helped point that one out actually.

I felt so happy, so complete afterwards... after seeing those kids faces light up,, playing with them,,, all their hugs and 'thank you's'.. seeing them happy--- i cant even describe the emotions i felt. it felt sooo good.

Thank you to my friends who joined me,,, and to those who donated money for the orphanage,, it really meant alot to me & the kids.

a few days before my charity party, i found out that the boys' ward of the orphanage burnt down last Christmas. so imagine the kids losing everything -- all their clothes, toys, pictures and whatever else they had. one of the offices was made into a makeshift ward just to accomodate the kids. and until now they haven't rebuilt it yet coz they still dont have enough funds to do so. this little fact moved me in a way that i REALLY wanted to help out. not just by spending ONE DAY with them, but by adding to their funding for a new ward as well. Mond, Maxx, FR, Phem & Tita A donated right away without me expecting them to. I was touched.

A few thousand pesos for a small party. A few thousand pesos to make kids smile. A few thousand... If you think about it,, that money couldve been a new outfit.. a new small bag even.. or new shoes. but then again, those material things wouldnt have given me the same kind of joy and fulfillment as seeing those kids smile, dance and being kids -- i had a blast with them int he play area,, from the mazes to the slides (which i only watched them go down on, as adults arent allowed on the slides. boo!).. it was money well spent alright... coz what i got in retun was PRICELESS.

The party has ended, but i still want to help them. So in my own little way as a blogger, i ask you, dear readers, to just spare a little of your time and go to their website, ,and if u decide that you wana reach out also, then that would be amazing :)

this experience felt really good. i took a break from all the birthday celebs and had a different kind of party. and this one was the most fulfilling of them all :) and i hope everyone would feel the same joy that i did too..


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