Thursday, August 13, 2009

under the sea...

i miss diving.

i miss being underwater.
i miss seeing the abundance of marine life.
i miss being fascinated by all these creatures you never thought exist.
the relaxing feeling you get once you're underwater...
as if you have nothing to worry about at all...
the feeling of being in another universe, when infact, you're just a few (hundred) feet below..

who wouldn't be inlove with the pufferfish, the parrotfish, the lionfish, the starfish, the nudibranchs and all those other things you can find?

where every dive, every experience is different from the last...

where else can u find a school of barracuda swimming less than a feet away from you?

i can go on and on and on.. but it will never give justice to what i'm really talking about... here are some pictures that i took from my past dives... just to give u some idea... it's paradise down there :)


lionfish swimming towards a coral

--this almost attacked me coz i kept taking its picture.. youre not supposed to take pics of seasnakes. theyre fatal. but ofcourse when i took this pic, i didnt really know that, i was just aliw with it. hahahaha when stupidity hits. but hey, the pic is nice! :)--

taken from a nightdive

i found NEMO!! :p (in the back is my dive instructor, Jojo Ng)


jeanellyn said...

so COOL!... how i wish i can do this one too!.. as what i cam remember, i have tried diving once when i wast still a kid... only once.. i can't even remeber how it feels... hope i can do this also!.. thankzzz 4 sharing.. GBU!

abrel said...

amazing photos!

question: how did u import this from multiply and get to show their logo? just curious.

thanks :)

Bubbles P said...

thanks guys!!

abrel -- i just copied the image address then pasted it in the upload thingy here... the multiply logo will automatically appear lang :)